Articles Summary

In this blog we tell of the trajectory of research and exploration that we are carrying out between architecture, design and virtual reality.

This page collects all the articles we published, divided by subjects. A great starting point to get an overview of the project.


Read these articles if you have never heard of the architect Sacripanti. If you know him and want to better understand how the Osaka pavilion is made. If you want to discover how a kinetic architecture works. IF YOU ARE A RHINO/GH MODELING NERD AND WANT TO SEE HOW WE MADE AND OPTIMIZED THE MODEL FOR VR.


READ THESE articles If it’s the first time you visit our blog. If you want to get an idea of what we do. If today you don’t want to explore technical aspects.
  • Putting Time in a (virtual) Box
    “I despair not that, even here, in this region of Three Dimensions, your Lordship’s art may make the Fourth Dimension visible…
  • Piattaforma Chronicles I
    Everything started with a simple exercise: “[…] please build a basic 3D game experience with a 2100 mm diameter circular platform…
  • Osaka ’70 on tour!
    So, Maurizio Sacripanti’s reconstructed architecture is finally on tour! If you own an Oculus Quest you will soon be able to…
  • T.E.A.M.’s Platform One was presented at CISBAT in Lausanne
    CISBAT, an international architecture conference held every two years, took place in Lausanne (Switzerland) from September 8-10, 2021. CISBAT 2021 was…


READ THESE ARTICLES If you want to explore our dynamic spaces workshop. If you are interested in some tricks to make a VR scene starting from your model in Rhinoceros and GH. If you want to design directly for VR by making changes to your 3D model.
  • Light through the Sunshades
    Sunshades is the first dynamic space experiment that we have integrated into the Piattaforma Zero. Our initial goal was to select some movable…
  • Behind the Folding Wall
    In this second experiment, we have chosen to create a moving surface that could help us to focus on the open/closed…
  • Unfolding the Origami
    Our laboratory of dynamic spaces is enriched with a third experiment. We decided to test a type of movement that goes…


Read these articles if You’re curious about how we combine computational design and VR. If you’re in the mood to GET DOWN TO THE NITTY-GRITTY OF OUR tecHnical WORKFLOW.
  • Tips on feeding the Grasshopper
    This article describes some methods for the optimization of the Grasshopper definitions aimed at reaching a relationship between control parameters and geometry…
  • Look, no hands!
    One of the goals we set from the beginning with T.E.A.M. was to make the VR experience as natural as possible,…