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T.E.A.M.’s Platform One was presented at CISBAT in Lausanne

CISBAT, an international architecture conference held every two years, took place in Lausanne (Switzerland) from September 8-10, 2021.

CISBAT 2021 was focused on the transition of the built environment to carbon neutrality and provided a scientific platform for the presentation of researches that push beyond the boundaries of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. 

The conference united scientists from around the world to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and a visionary approach to the shaping of our future buildings and urban districts.

John Volpato and Valentina Temporin attended the event and presented T.E.A.M.. During the speech, John made a live demonstration of the main features of “Platform One” (which you can find explained in detail in the document attached at the end of this article).

The following paper examines the core features of Platform One, an experimental digital application born within the project and aimed at supporting designers during the development, in a VE (Virtual Environment) of dynamic architectures and components, as well as the principles that inspired it. 

The application presents two key features: the first one is that everything modified and developed in the VE retains its geometric characteristics, allowing the user to reach an informed 3D model at the end of the process; the second one is the ease and enjoyment with which the user manipulates complex dynamic geometries in the three-dimensional environment through a natural interface design approach that focuses on direct manipulation of architectural objects and components. The simulator is designed to be used in a 6DOF virtual environment using a commercial VR headset. It has currently been loaded with several archetypal test architectures and soon it will be available to designers who want to test their work with it.

Meanwhile, if you want to know why – and how – this adventure began, you can read the genesis of the project here. Enjoy reading!