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Osaka ’70 on tour!

So, Maurizio Sacripanti’s reconstructed architecture is finally on tour! If you own an Oculus Quest you will soon be able to download the experience, if not, we can schedule a special VR session and bring it to you – during sessions, we strictly adhere to anti-COVID-19 protective measures.

It’s been 50 years since the conception of Maurizio Sacripanti’s project, never built, of the Italian pavilion for the Osaka Expo.

With T.E.A.M. we made a detailed reconstruction of the 3D model based on interviews with the design team and the study of the architect’s documents, with the aim of experiencing the building in VR with the Oculus Quest.

For our lab, Osaka ‘70 is a research tool that allows us to investigate the relationship between VR and architecture, in particular the relationship with kinetic elements. For the visitor it is a way to explore a never built project – one which is nevertheless fundamental for the history of Italian architecture – and enjoy a total experience of the space as Sacripanti imagined it.

We are already taking the pavilion to a number of architecture and design firms, and we are using these opportunities to spark a dialogue about the use of virtual reality in the design of built space. This tool can certainly be used to see projects before they are built, but it can also be integrated into the design process, no longer needing the screen as a 2D intermediary to the 3D model.

If you want to know more about what we do or to visit the pavilion write us at:

Available from April 15, 2021!